Case Study

Healthy advertising revenues for

By Markus Pöhlmann
CEO, part of the Holtzbrinck publishing house, runs a number of online health portals that involve partners from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Staffed by more than 20 full-time employees and around 20 freelance writers, NetDoktor attracts five million unique visitors and has over 13 million page views a month. Case Study generates most of its revenue through display and text advertising. Five years ago, we began using Google AdSense to expand our monetization model. However, we soon learned that it lacked sufficient in-house expertise to make the best use of AdSense. In 2014, we decided to work with an agency and Click Performance Group was our choice. Because optimizing online revenue streams such as Google AdSense is often too complex for many businesses, Click Performance developed a new consulting model for publishers worldwide.

The aspects that we team liked about Click Performance Group were its clear focus on the optimization of Google AdSense and the commission-based compensation model, in which we pay no fixed fees. This means that Click Performance Group only receives pro-rated commission when it boosts NetDoktor’s revenues. A close-knit partnership has developed since then. Click Performance is constantly providing new suggestions for improvement, developing new strategies and optimizing its approach.

This approach soon led to tangible results. Although we had already incorporated advertising into very effectively before the collaboration, Click Performance managed to increase revenue by about 150% by using methods such as continuous testing of text color, ad size and various Google products. Of course, results like these can only be achieved with the right level of commitment, so it isn’t surprising that our team members are in touch almost every day. Probably the most remarkable change for NetDoktor since choosing Click Performance Group is that smaller tests and analyses are now constantly running on the website, which in turn allows for successful and significantly faster optimization cycles in the long term.

NetDoktor is very pleased with the collaboration – because we have exceeded financial expectations and can now focus on editorial tasks. In addition, staff at NetDoktor in Munich can now rest assured that they are tapping into the full potential of Google AdSense.

By focusing on their core strengths, both and Click Performance are set to achieve further growth – making it a real win-win situation for everyone involved.