We areRevenue Experts

Change seems to be the only constant in our fast-moving digital era. The online advertising space has been evolving rapidly over the past years and recent trends in native and programmatic advertising can be challenging for publishers. We turn the industry's buzzwords into solid revenue streams for you.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising blends in seamlessly with your existing content, embracing the look and feel of your website. By optimizing your native ads' design, size, positioning and targeting, we usually increase revenues by 75% to 100%. The magic behind it: When done right, native ads are driving higher engagement rates than standard banner ads, thereby increasing the number of clicks and, ultimately, your revenues. We partner with the world's leading native advertising innovators to provide you the best growth potential:

  • Our native ad units usually perform as twice as well as IAB standard formats
  • Native ads work best when placed in-content or near-content

Google AdSense text ads used to be an insignificant part of our total revenue, mostly used for backfilling our directly sold premium inventory. Thanks to Click Performance and a 200% increase in RPM, AdSense now is among our best-performing native ad revenue streams.Sven Giebler, CEO, Chefkoch.de

Display Advertising

The rise of programmatic has fundamentally changed the process of buying and selling advertising. A growing number of media buyers in a highly fragmented market makes it increasingly difficult for publishers to keep up. With a holistic view on the digital advertising industry, we position you ahead of the curve. We utilize our trusted relationships with ad networks and agencies around the globe to establish and improve ad network competition, open and private auctions as well as preferred deals. We only work with carefully hand-picked partners, such as:

  • We let multiple ad networks compete for impressions using DFP's Dynamic Allocation
  • As a Google certified agency, we can give you access to Google's AdExchange marketplace

Our company had already effectively integrated advertising into our website. After collaborating with Click Performance Group, we increased revenue by about 150%.Markus Pöhlmann, CEO, NetDoktor.de

Ad Serving & Operations

Serving ads on websites is easy. However, serving the right ad at the right time on the right device to the right user for an optimal price is not. Being publishers ourselves, we know that ad serving has to be efficient and transparent, especially during periods of rapid growth. Our hands-on support will streamline your ad operations and, as a result, free-up valuable in-house resources. We utilize best-in-class ad serving technology, the most reliable data management platforms and web analytics solutions from our trusted partners:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • In-House Training
  • Implementation & Tagging
  • Migration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Technical Support

It is not only the impressive revenue growth, but also the increased efficiencies and synergies in our day-to-day work which make our partnership with Click Performance so valuable.Martha de la Torre, CEO, ElClasificado.com