This isStream

STREAM, your publisher analytics cockpit, is tailored for websites with a diversified monetization strategy, using multiple ad revenue streams. STREAM gives you a holistic view of your website's performance. It takes away the guesswork of analyzing ad networks' performance. STREAM enables you to make better decisions based on data. Here is how STREAM supports your critical business decisions:

Aggregated Revenue Reporting

STREAM aggregates all ad network revenue reports in one interface. In addition, STREAM standardizes important performance indicators to allow a true comparison between ad networks. Usually, ad networks report a CPM based on filled ad impressions. This indicator often ignores the fact that ad networks don't fill every impression. STREAM provides you with a much better KPI: Revenue per 1,000 ad requests (rRPM). This indicator also takes fill rates and data inconsistency into account, giving you the ad networks' true performance.

  • STREAM helps you to identify the most valuable ad networks in your stack
  • Comparing all of your revenue sources in just one graph adds transparency

Event Tracking

STREAM logs all events (e.g. changes in ad locations) and automatically calculates their relative impact. This is especially valuable when working with multiple advertising networks and revenue streams: Optimizing one network often increases RPM for that specific network, while other revenue streams might react adversely. The result can be reduced earnings and a lower eRPM. STREAM monitors the networks' performance closely and gives you an entirely new perspective on total revenue growth.

  • STREAM gives you a clear understanding of the impact certain changes have on your revenue
  • Changing the settings of one ad position can sometimes influence other ads and networks negatively - STREAM will show you the impact immediately

Viewability Analysis

STREAM helps you to better understand your users' behaviour and engagement with ads. The build-in heatmap highlights areas that get more attention from your users. Usually, these areas are optimal locations for ad placements. In addition, STREAM's scrollmaps provide visual feedback on the number of visitors who see your ads. These insights enable you to make better-informed decisions about the optimal number of ads on a page, their positioning and their pricing.

  • STREAM analyzes which ads are visible to your users
  • Heatmaps and scrollmaps help you to identify which ad positions are the most valuable to advertisers

Monitoring & Protection BETA

A growing portion of today's web traffic is malicious and spam-infected. Because advertising networks need to prevent click fraud, they measure your traffic quality closely. STREAM protects your website and helps you prevent violations of the ad networks' traffic policies. STREAM also detects violations of ad networks' layout and content guidelines when they occur. This allows you to swiftly react to a violation before the ad network notices the breach.

  • STREAM identifies and blocks malicious bots and spam-infected traffic
  • STREAM detects violations of ad networks' policies right when they occur and helps you to stay compliant